Researchers confirm that this type of arthropods appeared long before the dinosaurs and survived to the present day with minimal changes and mutations in DNA. They have experienced meteorite bombing and even the coldest times - the so-called glacial periods. According to scientists, their body has reached its perfection, as they almost did not evolve.

There are more than 1000 species of spiders. Two types are settled in a house - a gray and black spider. They do not cause any harm to humans. Their food is flies, cockroaches, moths. But many of us do not like to remove the consequences of spider's life activity. To get rid of spiders, there should be a set of measures that will help exterminate them and prevent their re-occurrence.

How to get rid of spiders in your house:

  1. Spiders appear where there is food for them. They eat flies, cockroaches, small insects, ants. Take actions to eliminate food for spiders. Put chalk or gel against cockroaches on the walls and plinths. Buy a spray against crawling insects and treat all the walls with it, paying particular attention to hard-reaching places.
  2. In addition to these activities gather all the cobweb that spiders had woven. In their web insects lay eggs, from which thousands of tiny spiders are derived.
  3. If your house has a basement, carefully clean it from dust, gather cobwebs and blanch walls with lime. Spiders cannot stand the smell of lime and paint, so if you make repairs around the house, insects will leave it and will not appear again for a long time.
  4. If you live in a separate apartment, you should buy special sprays to destroy spiders. Buy one of these tools, treat all the walls, close the windows and doors. After 3 hours do dry and wet cleaning.
  5. To prevent re-occurrence of spiders, don't forget to do thorough cleaning in the house from time to time. If you live in a private sector, whitewash walls and ceiling, do not forget to sweep off the basement and whiten it. Close all the vents with cheesecloth or special fine mesh. If the baseboards and windows have cracks, buy silicone sealant and fill all the holes. Because spiders get into your home through these holes.

It is not so difficult to get rid of spiders in the house. You just need time and a great wish. Make general cleaning these weekends and ask your family to help you. In such a way this activity will be light and pleasant.

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